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Welcome to HuntingDogTrainer.com!

 We are the complete Hunting Dog and Field Trial Dog Training website. 

Countless wild game birds are legally taken each year as a result of highly trained hunting and gun dogs.  Hunting is pure pleasure when a well trained gun dog is used.  Just try hunting upland game without a dog sometime.

 Gun dogs should be trained in realistic settings that totally replicate the type of environment they will hunt in. on the same type of grounds that you will be hunting.  Hunting dogs should be trained with live birds such as Quail, Chuckar and Pheasants  to further replicate a true hunting environment. Parks and groves are sometimes used by default by some trainers.  We recommend consulting with your trainer about what type of environment and conditions your dog will be trained under.

Training facilities are an important decision on how your dog will be treated and taken care of.  Will your dog be kept in a heated and cooled indoor kennel, or will he be kept in a plastic crate out side? Will your dog have his own individual kennel with, his own individual kennel run, or will he have to share?

Exercise is important for hunting and gun dogs, this part of the training program must also be covered before enlisting any dog trainers' services.  Many quality training facilities are equipped with misters to keep your dog cool and areas to exercise in that keep their acclimation to the outdoors in sync.

There are several different types of Hunting Dogs.  All can be classified in the following, puppies, started dogs, and finished or broke dogs and Field Trial Dogs.  Gun Dogs and be purchased anywhere along their training.  When choosing a gun dog it is important that you choose wisely.  Your new gun dog must be an excellent hunting partner for the species you are hunting as well as a faithful family freind that can fit comfortably in you home.

It is important that the hunting dog breeder you choose breed from Quality Field champion lines.  Gun dogs from these lines can be expected to hunt upland game birds as well as be capable of competing in field trials at Local, Regional and National levels.


Training Programs

Training programs need to be matched to your dogs age and skill.  Puppy, head start programs, are for puppies that have no experience.

Formal training programs usually begin with young 1 to 2 year old dogs, breaking of the dog for realistic hunting situations, preparing them to be loyal gun dogs.

Field Trial and Campaigning programs can help your dog to compete on whichever level you choose.  With a competent trainer, and a dog with a good bloodline, the sky is the limit.

A good hunting dog trainer will offer a wide variety of training options, to help you and your dog.   They can tailor your training program whether you are just getting started in the sport or you are finishing your dog's skills for your next upland bird hunt.  A pre-season tune-up might be just what you and your dog need before you hit the field.

We are sure you can find the training, equipment, and dog for whatever your gun dog needs here at HuntingDogTrainer.com

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