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Common Training Programs

Head Start Programs
Head Start programs are for younger dogs of  usually 4 to 6 months of age.  Most programs will  introduce your young dog to live birds, pointing, check lines and whistles.  Field command are very important part of any head start program, as well as the dog's introduction to gunfire.  Head start programs should focus on the development of the young dog's natural instincts and not on corrections.  Many trainers frown upon correcting a young dog, especially during their development.  We would like to see these young dogs have a positive experience to build on for the future.  Head start programs vary in price, check with your trainer choice to see if they have a head start program available for your young gun dog.

Foundation Training
Foundation training programs are for young dogs usually about 10 to 12 months of age.  Harnessing your  dog's natural pointing instinct should be the basis for this training.  They can then be taught verbal  and whistle commands  and to handle in the field without a leash.  You will also find out if your dog has natural retrieving ability as this can be strongly reinforced at this stage in training.  This training with most professional trainers should last about three months.


Steady To Wing And Shot
This level in training your dog should be taught to be steady to both wing and shot. Most dogs are introduced to the "hup" command. Your dog when steady to wing and shot should handle in the field and be retrieving to your hand.

The steadying phase in training should be done with great care by DIY type dog trainers.  Professional trainers are highly recommended because they can help the dog alleviate any bad habits at this stage.  Professional trainers know how to read the dog and apply the exact method of steadying your dog.  Steadying is not a clear cut process that all DIY type trainers are capable of.  We highly recommend professional trainers assistance at this phase in training.

They can also be trained to honor another dog's point and stopping to wild flushes at this phase in training.


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